3k Matte Caron Fiber Tubes For Drone

date:2023-01-31 18:07
Advantage of Carbon Fiber Tube
Fiber tube is applied to the reinforcement of industrial and civil buildings, railway and highway bridges, tunnels, chimneys, tower structures, etc. In railway buildings, large top systems and sound insulation walls will be well applied in the future, which will also be a promising application of carbon fiber. It has the characteristics of small density, high strength, good durability, strong corrosion resistance, resistance to acid, alkali and other chemicals, good flexibility and strong strain capacity.

Carbon fiber Tubes is a basic and daily carbon fiber product in carbon fiber composites. At present, most of them are produced by rolling process. Different molds produce pipes of different specifications. Now carbon fiber pipes are widely used in UAVs, supports, rotating shafts, load-bearing parts, sports equipment and other parts.The density of carbon fiber pipe is mainly affected by the constituent materials, like other materials of pipe, so the density of carbon fiber pipe is mainly determined by its carbon fiber density. The density of general carbon fiber pipe is about 1.7g/cm3, while the density of general steel pipe is 7.8g/cm3, the density ratio of the two is 1:4, and the weight ratio of carbon fiber pipe and steel pipe with the same strength is 1:43. On the premise of the same strength, the density and weight of carbon fiber pipe are far less than that of steel pipe.

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