Staffs' Birthday Party

date:2023-01-31 18:05
Our company held a birthday party for employees born in January on January 30, 2023. Mr. Chen prepared cakes and snacks for everyone, and expressed his best wishes for the future development of the employees and the company:

Hope employees can work happily and without worries every day. And hope that our company can develop more carbon fiber products. Although our company has developed many customized products such as 3k carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber sheets, carbon fiber rods, special-shaped parts and so on, the business scope of our products also covers UAV, sports equipment, racing cars, bicycles, robots, new energy vehicles and other industries. But what our mission is that make composites possible, so we've built on that with a new product -- a carbon fiber mountain bike handle. This is a lightweight and not affected by temperature product developed for the old mountain bike handle, which is heavy and affected by temperature. According to incomplete test statistics, our product can accept tens of thousands of extrusion times without deformation. In our opinion, it's a lightweight and great product to use, allowing us to ride our mountain bikes without the energy loss of holding the weight of the old handlebars.

Otherwise, we also played some wonderful games, such as singing songs and grabbing red envelopes. The compass ruler of singing is Mr. Chen handing out red envelopes in the wechat group, and whoever gets the most will sing. This game makes everyone very excited and happy, and promotes friendship between old and new employees. At the party, Mr. Chen worked out the welfare policy. We would hold a birthday party for the birthday girl every month and prepare customized small gifts. We are very happy and looking forward to it
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