Happy New Year ^ - ^ Let's Play Games

date:2023-01-31 18:04
Let's play games
In order to build a healthy and civilized corporate culture atmosphere and enrich employees' spare time life. The activity can improve the team cohesion and combat effectiveness among employees in all departments and promote team building. It can also enhance employees' sense of belonging to the company and stimulate their enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work. The three departments are divided into three groups, and the final ranking is obtained from the cumulative scores of the group members.

The first game is basketball. Each of the three groups sent 5 members to throw 5 balls, and accumulated scores.

The second game is a trap, which is also the cumulative score of five members in each group.

The last is the game of grabbing seats. The host plays a song, and the person who sits on the stool after the song ends gets the score.
Photos of each group.

Hppy Chinese New Year^-^
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