Carbon Fiber Make Car Lightweight

date:2023-01-31 18:01
"Light alloy and carbon fiber composite materials" body structure is becoming a development trend of automotive lightweighting.
BMW BMW iX going public last year before the roof beam, it took more than HRC material mix design of thermoplastic materials, and achieved many things couldn't do before.
First, before the roof beam is the first direct in the welding workshop assembly of the carbon fiber products. And match the existing production lines, without cost. This product integrates metal parts, by more than a molding process mixed. Because carbon fiber products can not meet the application conditions of normal, are in the assembly in assembly workshop. This is a breakthrough.
Second, considering the cost of the product, only need to put in the most need to carbon fiber several carbon fiber strip, the other parts by plastic particles, recycled carbon fiber materials and injection particles. So, in the product efficiency, improve performance at the same time, and considering the cost reduction, become a comprehensive solution.

The application of carbon fiber in the automotive industry is driven by little by little, the car lightweight and not simply use another material to replace a material, at the same time also need according to the characteristics of the new material to change of design, in order to improve the manufacturability and material utilization. In the automotive industry into a new era of today, we need to make carbon fiber are more widely used in automobile.
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